About us


Backed by a rich legacy of over 70 years in the Indian Automotive industry and having served three generations of satisfied Indian customers, PPS Motors has now attained its authorized dealership for BYD in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh for sales of the world-class BYD Cars. Our PPS BYD showroom is built on the foundation of customer delight and we are a one-stop-shop solution to fulfill all your requirements at every stage in the sales and services segment, PPS BYD also supports you by offering available loans, insurance, and finance options through our strong network with all major financiers and banking institutions. With our excellent services and high customer satisfaction ratings, we promise to give you a smooth, organized & distinguished Automotive experience.

We assist consumers by providing the best recommendations for their BYD vehicle purchases based on their needs. When you visit our modern showroom to make your preferred BYD automobile purchases, PPS BYD Car Dealers commit to reputable customer happiness and reliable service. BYD Showroom, which has a great reputation, provides exceptional customer service and streamlines the process of buying a BYD vehicle. With the utmost enthusiasm and dedication, PPS BYD is pursuing the objective of providing consumers with the highest quality of service, satisfaction, and savings while propelling it to the top of the industry. In order to best serve you, PPS BYD, an authorized dealer, employs trained, highly qualified, and informed individuals.

Genuine services catered to the demands of the customer have been offered by PPS BYD Authorized Dealers. Our unwavering commitment helps the dealership maintain its exceptional connections with its esteemed clients and employees. PPS, India’s best automobile dealership brand, is dedicated to increasing consumer loyalty at all times. Our respected standing in the enduring automotive industry advances thanks to our ongoing commitment to providing client support and help.

Visit our PPS BYD showroom in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and begin your BYD Journey with us, and also help in going green for ourselves and for society.


PPS BYD Mission: To change the world into a cleaner place through BYD’s innovative technology and attain highest level of Customer retention and acquisition through excellence in customer satisfaction

PPS BYD Vision: Through technology of BYD vehicles and our passionate people at all levels in PPS Motors, we will provide highest level of service for customer satisfaction and provide growth to the organization by continuously breaking our own records ethically both for Volume and Profitability.